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Created on 2009-09-08 14:01:22 (#444556), last updated 2011-07-29 (324 weeks ago)

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Name:Trish Kitten
Birthdate:May 13
Location:Indiana, United States of America
The sketchy sex journal of a twentysomething monogamish* engaged vegan dyke who reads Barthes for fun and profit. I focus on desire when exploring my psyche and use literature and experience as tools to explore my desire while using my desire as a tool to explore literature and experience. Sometimes I also talk about actual sex. There's also a narrative running through the whole thing of my explorations into non-normative sex practice; these aren't the first times I've tried most of these things, but they are the first times I've tried them mindfully, and so sometimes it seems that way. Hopefully the narrative and theory enrich each other...

I've also joined a bunch of communities relevant to my various explorations at the moment; though I mostly just read and absorb information, I find them helpful resources for asking some of the odder questions that come up, and try to participate in helping others as well, when I can.

You should feel totally free to friend me if you want; I'll probably friend you back, though I've been a little cautious recently due to having a real-life stalker. :/ When I have free time I'm going back and un-friendslocking things that are safe, which is most of them.

* I still think of myself as monogamish, not poly, but that's increasingly silly.

Interests (17):

a little bit unsafe, a lover's discourse, awkward semi-pseudonymous activism, bike ninja catgirls, desire, everything performativity, exhibitionist pseudonymous blogging, gleaming the cube, monogamish, overusing the word discourse, preferring letters for pseudonyms, queering the discourse, queering the discourse fantastic, questioning structures of authority, theory in the bedroom, tripping the discourse fantastic, unreasonably specific shibboleths
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